Our 26 years of experience of building the most iconic projects created several unique innovations that were recognized by swimming pool federations, suppliers and professionals worldwide as exceptional achievements.

As XTERIOR we are proud that our innovations became a standard in swimming pool and water feature industry for the last 15 years and.

We strive to continuous innovate our projects to make them more unique, performant and better - every time we commit to a new project.


By using the best European brands from Germany and Switzerland combined with intensive in house engineering for decades we achieve exceptional performances:

Until 70 pct less energy consumption and usage of chemicals

Until 90 % less usage of any chemicals

Drinking Water Pool ( DW pool )

100 % chlorine free

100% salt free

XTERIOR offers even a technology that results in water quality that is similar as bottled drinking water.


XTERIOR Dubai will hand over in 2020 the first ZERO FOOTPRINT pool: a pool that uses no electricity to operate.


An unique technology designed and introduces by XTERIOR in Europe that is until date the standard of premium overflow pool. The pool overflow is ultra-silent and is specially used for indoor pools and areas where silence is required such a private spa and relax areas.

The next generation of over- and underflow

By introducing 4 new types of overflow types during the last decade XTERIOR became the reference of overflow pools worldwide.

Combining different overflow types in 1 project became the standard in XTERIOR projects.

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